Fastest way to commit suicide

Do you hate your life? Do you think that suicide is the only way out that will stop your pain? Of course, I don't know your personal circumstances. I haven't walked a mile in your shoes. But I know what it feels to be desperate. There was a moment in my life when I didn't see any sense in waking up in the mornings.

I had nobody by my side who could understand me. I wanted to put an end to my suffering But I didn't do it. And do you know what stopped me? There's always some possibility that it goes all wrong and you die an awful death. Or, you survive and live with a kind of physical disability, becoming a burden for someone who will have to take care of you possibly for decades.

Self-protection is one of the basic human instincts. It means that your body will resist your intention. You can lose consciousness at the critical moments only to stay alive as a result.

fastest way to commit suicide

You might ask why then all those deaths by accident take place. Another important criterion for your choice of the best way to kill yourself is the price. The method should be cheap. Self-murderers rarely want to invest into the process.

So, here are 5 budget options, which are ineffective as well:. So, none of suicide methods can guarantee you secure and painful end to your suffering. Depression can cause us to have the most unhelpful of thoughts.

What's the best method for a painless suicide?

It really twists everything and you need people to tell you what's what sometimes. I know i do anyway. A rational voice amongst the irrational thoughts of depression. I want to end my life and I am trying to figure out the easiest way how and fastest I can't take it no more everything is falling apart I am all alone and can't do this.

I cant live anymore my mom and my dad doesnt even care about me. Itll be my birthday tomorrow. And im thinking of killing myself. My mom and my dad never fail to remind me and tell me that im a useless and a good for nothing child.

Their right tho. I want to end my life because my crush bullies me but I can't stop loving him and the people I love seem to stop loving me even tho I am very young I want to end my miserable life.

Suicide methods

Hey i am same but woke up freezing cold and alive my next is car and hose gas myself much better just driving to spot now goodbye to this fucking shit life rob. Today I lost the love of my life.

She was my everything and she was all I lived for. Now that she's gone, I feel like giving up I want to die how she died. Monte Goodner why are you in here. You dont mess with someone that is depressed like that. You are a sick person.I just want to end it and cause minimal harm to my family.

I dont want them to find my body because this is just traumatic, hell it would be great if they didn't even know I was dead and just went missing. I will just disappear :. I have no idea why everybody is so opposed to death, hell its probably just like what it was like before I was born - nothing - and compared to the pathetic life I live that sounds great to me. Ive thought about it for a while and I'm doing it. And who say I'm a selfish asshole, your right! Please help me cause less damage to my family so I can be less of an asshole.

Look, it may seem like everyones against you and no one cares, but thats not true. If no one else does, I do. Don't do this. I will forever blame myself and so will everyone else whos ever met you.

I've been down the same road as you. I've tried to kill myself and its the worst decision Ive ever made. Not to mention, its incredibly selfish. Taking the easy way out is hurting everyone around you. Me doing that was the biggest regret in my life. I wish I didn't try to, and I am so grateful that I survived. Its not over, okay, believe me when I say things will get better. I know why you asked this question on Yahoo Answers.

I did the same thing. The psychologist told me the answer on why I asked it after I attempted suicide, and at that point it actually made sence to me. You are asking for help.How do I end my life when I'm too much of a coward to do it?

I'm serious when I say that I really have nothing to live for. I'm a trust fund baby with a social phobia, both of which have conspired to sap me of any ambition in life. The person I live with I drive crazy with my fears and depression. He doesn't deserve the kind of mental abuse I put him through and probably would be happier with me dead and him with my money. Oh, he acts supportive, but I think he's really not very happy at all.

fastest way to commit suicide

He's struggled most of his life to make ends meet and I think it would be a gift to him if I got out of the way so he could enjoy my wealth, hopefully with someone more stable than me. Therefore I have no career to look forward to, nor any foreseeable way of making a difference in this world, especially when I'm too afraid to say hi to anyone at the deli I've been going to for years.

I've tried school on-and-off, but the cyclical nature of my depression and phobias have made it all but impossible to graduate college.

I alienate everyone I come in contact with because I can't make even the smallest of small talk, so people dismiss me as being a snob. Besides my partner, I have no friends. There really is no future for me. The problem is my fear of the pain involved in dying.

Lost all hopes?

A gun would be quick, but I can't buy one because I've been in a mental hospital. Even jumping off a building would take too long. I have plenty, but bad things can happen before they finally finish you off. I'm not "crying out for help. I can't ask my partner to do it; he never would in a million years. He doesn't know the kind of pain I go through and I can't adequately explain it to him. However, neither can I argue that your life is good and should be preserved, as I cannot know how life is for you.

An average day for you may be more awful than even my worst day. Who am I to say that you should choose to live your life? As one of those left behind when others depart, I can only say that I have never heard any reports from successful suicides on whether they are pleased with the results. So let us say simply that in your case suicide is one of the options you are considering. Let us presume that I have been called upon to help you choose.

I think there are probably some better options to accomplish what you want to accomplish. What you want to accomplish is an end to your suffering. Your only concern is that the act of suicide itself might entail some pain. But it is not altogether clear that suicide, however it is accomplished, will bring an end to suffering. None of us knows what death will bring. You may find yourself reincarnated and continuing to suffer, or in hell, suffering, or without any consciousness at all and thus in a state immune to claims that it is either better or worse, or in some incomprehensible state of consciousness beyond anything that your current primitive apparatus of brain, nervous system and senses enables you to visualize.

You do not know that you will not come back as a rock, or a dog, or a lizard with hazy consciousness of having once been, believe it or not, a human, magisterial and supreme among earthly beings.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: January 20, References. You likely want your experience to be as easy and painless as possible. Fortunately, you can manage your pain and discomfort to make it easier on you. Additionally, focus on staying comfortable and spending time with family and friends.

Finally, take care of your emotional needs so you feel at peace. Note : This article covers end-of-life care. You can also text to text with someone. If you're in a different country, please call your nation's suicide prevention hotline immediately. Tip: Consider getting a speech-activated device that will play the music you want on command.

Did You Know? Tell people you want space and ask them to leave you alone for awhile. Tip: Invite members of your spiritual community to come talk to you about your faith or to pray with you.

If you're looking for a way to die peacefully because you want to end your own life, stop and remember that you're not alone.

Painless Ways To Commit Suicide

Talk to a trusted friend or family member, or call your national suicide prevention hotline for immediate help, which is TALK if you live in the U. If you're preparing to die peacefully because of something that's out of your control, know that it's completely up to you how you want to spend your last days.

fastest way to commit suicide

It may be really hard, but try to distract yourself when you're feeling down by focusing on the small things you love, like a beautiful sunset, a glass of wine, or your favorite book. To learn how to make arrangements for after you pass away, scroll down. Did this summary help you?

Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemicIf you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, help is out there.

Reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at Suicide is a subject many are afraid to talk about or even acknowledge. But how do we not talk about one of the leading causes of death? Each year, suicides claim the lives of 44, people in the United States alone. This is why we need to better understand it and do our very best to get people the help they need in their darkest moments.

One way to do this? Talk about it. We asked people in our Mental Health Awareness community on Facebook who have attempted or otherwise been affected by suicide: What do you wish others knew about your experience? I make the decision every day to carry on and take it just one step at a time. She went through years of blaming herself He was not a coward. In fact, he did what he did to spare the people he loved.

How terrible it actually is to feel that way. To go against your survival instincts and go ahead with any action to end your life, and to spare what you perceive is the burden you are putting on everyone else, actually takes a whole lot of courage.

I want people to know inside my head is a very sad place. But you are. The bigger the lie, the more you are worth it. You may not feel it, but you are loved by someone. It causes so much pain, and anxiety, and fear for our families. We never know what guilt our loved ones are holding on to.Tech companies including Facebook and Google and app developers are creating tools to help struggling people during their most vulnerable moments.

The app advises users to select at least one mental health professional in addition to two of their friends. Having said that, friends can provide a different form of support that professionals cannot.

After the individual picks out three people to include in their network, they are then prompted to create a safety plan which has six separate sections. For instance, one section asks users to identify three behaviors that serve warning signs that they are thinking of suicide. As Draper explained, the structure of the safety plan acts as a form of self-care. Even if they have not spoken to someone about their thoughts of suicide, it can prompt someone to consider how they should go about getting help.

Currently, there are few suicide prevention apps available. However, apps like Stay Alive, which was developed by the U. It was developed by a company known as The Guidance Group, and is aimed towards providing support for veteran and military families.

Are you at risk or do you know someone who may need help? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at Typically, when you begin to search for something on Google you do not need to write out the entire search before what you intended to search for is displayed directly below.

The mechanism responsible for this is a Google feature known as autocomplete, which is designed to streamline searches. When someone does that, the first search result that appears is a link to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

The goal, according to a Google spokeswoman, is to provide people in unsafe situations with free and reliable support as quickly as possible. If someone simply searches for symptoms of depression, the search engine may lead them to a PH-9 questionnaire, which is a standard tool doctors use to screen for depression.

Most recently, Facebook has also implemented a pattern recognition algorithm technique to detect posts or live videos that express thoughts of suicide to help initiate immediate support from first responders. The move follows instances of people broadcasting their suicides on Facebook Live. Economic Calendar.Thousands of people suicide every year, here are the top ten ways to kill themselves what all suicides have committed. How is it done: In this method a person ties a huge rock to his leg and jump into a water body so that he should not float and drown himself and die in a couple of minutes the chances of death is more.

How is it done: In this method a person holds a high tension wire and dies when to volts of current flows into the body. But this is not always successful; many cases have failed to suicide. How is it done: In this method a person cuts his wrist area where the veins are situated, this is the most common way followed throughout the world with the help of broken glass, razor sharp blades or any sharp objects.

How is it done: In this method a person jumps from a very tall place or building to kill themselves, the death is instant but needs a lot of courage to do this, this is one of the common methods followed in the world. How is it done: In this method a person tries to cover his face with a plastic cover and tie it rigidly, but it is one of the most difficult ways to kill themselves, only few instances are found for death due to suffocation.

How is it done: In this method a person locks himself in a place where CO is produced extensively, for e. How is it done: In this method a person tries to kill himself by consuming poisonous things like, cyanide, poison, pesticides etc. How is it done: In this method a person hangs himself to a tree, of a ceiling fan with a rope, or and fabric by tying it to their neck and jump from the support, this is one of the most followed practices in developing countries.

How is it done: In this method a person tries to kill himself by taking over dose of drugs or alcohol. This may be due to the stress in the life. Most common method adopted is by taking sleeping pills and sleep. This shall definitely kill the person but takes few hours but a painless death is observed. How is it done: In this method a person kills himself by shooting himself in the head or chest with the help of a gun.

This is followed in most of the developed countries where many of them have access to buy weapons. Top Ten Ways to Commit Suicide. Hasan Abbas.

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