Fiat punto dualogic

The Fiat Punto is a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat from tospanning over three generations. The third generation of the car was marketed as the Grande Puntobetween andand the Punto Evobetween andwhen the bare Punto name was reintroduced.

The first generation Punto was made 3, million units, the second generation 2,96 million units, and the third generation 2,67 million units. Internally codenamed Projectthe Punto was announced in September as a replacement for the ageing Fiat Uno and launched in the end of or the beginning ofdepending on the market.

Test Fiat Punto 1.6 Dualogic 2013 - Routière - Pgm 206

The Punto was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and was available as a three door or five door hatchback, a two door cabriolet and a three door panel van. Entry level in the Punto range were the 1. The 1. A Sporting model was also available with a 1. A cabriolet convertible version was also available; built by Bertone rather than at the main Fiat factoryit featured an electric powered fully retracting roof and was one of the cheapest open top cars in the world at the time.

In Europe, it was also made with a manual roof. Approximately 55, cars were built between April and Junealthough the last cars were registered in Particular versions of the first generation Punto were the Punto 6Speed, a 1.

The styling was all new while retaining the original Punto's distinctive shape and design, while the chassis and interior were completely overhauled, with a new torsion beam rear suspension. The new Punto also became the first Fiat in decades to carry the original round Fiat badge, to celebrate Fiat's centenary. At the launch event of the hatchback, the Fiat Wish concept car was also presented, which was hardtop convertible version of the Fiat Punto, very similar in styling with the Peugeot CC.

Two sporty versions were offered. It was considered a big improvement in handling over the Punto GT. The HGT was also available in limited numbers as an "HGT Abarth " which added deeper bumpers, rear spoiler, side skirts, new alloy wheels and interior trim. The second generation Punto has also adopted the Dualdrive electric power steering and came with two operation modes, using an electric motorrather than a hydraulic pump driven by the engine.

This resulted in reduced fuel consumption and less environmental impact. It has a fuel economy of 5. At the beginning ofFiat celebrated the rollout of the 5,th production Punto.

During the same year, the second generation facelift brought further revisions to the platform, including extensive changes to the exterior styling and engines, partly due to changes in pedestrian safety regulations. The round Fiat badge, found only on the bonnet of second generation models, was introduced on the tailgate of the second generation facelift. On 1 JuneFiat produced the 6,th Punto at the Melfi plant. Engine changes included a new 1.Not surprisingly, most of what we discovered in the Pop applies equally to the Lounge.

The noise and choppy ride identified in the Pop are more evident with the larger wheels and lower profile tyres, although it must be admitted, they look great, and for most buyers, that will be the defining factor.

The Fiat handled them all more than adequately. The Lounge costs quite a bit more than the Pop, and gets all the good gear to make it look a lot more classy. Inside, you get dual-zone automatic climate control although we struggled to get much cold air blowing out at face levelleather seats with electric lumbar adjustment, electrochromatic interior rear vision mirror, ambient lighting and darkened privacy glass.

Of course, the biggest single difference between the Pop and the other two models is the transmission. The last time we experienced this transmission was on the Fiat TwinAir 0. Driving the Punto in full auto mode in other words, letting the gearbox change up and down of its own accord can be very frustrating. It seems permanently confused and even on a lightish throttle there is a cavernous pause between ratios and a seriously annoying jolt when the next ratio is engaged.

At certain speeds, the transmission seems simply unable to decide the most suitable ratio. Changing to semi-auto mode by pushing the gear lever to the left pushing it again, re-engages full auto — more on that later initially seems not to greatly improve things. The pause between engaging gear when you push the lever forward or back at any throttle setting is still glacial and the suddenness of engagement when it finally slots in off-putting.

After a few kilometres of trial and error, it became clear that easing off the throttle at the moment of selecting a different ratio particularly when changing up smoothed this whole operation considerably. The only problem here is that most drivers simply will not change their driving style to suit.

fiat punto dualogic

Overwhelmingly, they will drive the Dualogic Fiat like the autos they are used to, and that will be a disappointment to them. But the manual gearbox is only available in the entry-level Punto Pop, and the Dualogic in the other two models will certainly limit the appeal to the very market most likely to aspire to the cute little Italian. First Name:. Email address:. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

fiat punto dualogic

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Published by tonico77 I decided to write this guide to help with Dualogic gearbox problems after seeing a Brazilian mechanic that has a youtube channel and deals with Dualogic gearbox repairs. He channel is very popular search Motortech dualogic and has even had clients transport their cars from Sao Paulo all the way to his garage over km. He says that many garages have no idea on how to repair these gearboxes.

They damage components or install them wrongly and just lie to their customers. He also says in that all the gear boxes he has repaired he has never once had to change a gearbox ECU even when customers brought the cars and said that the diagnostic software shows a DTC error as the ECU being damaged.

His basic guide on how to trouble shoot and repair is the following: Do a visual exam looking for leaks broken wires on the gearbox. Switch off engine the pressure should remain steady and drop only bars. The system works with a line pressure ranging from In Recovery mode, the system will perform to its best at a pressure of 75 bars.

Design and exterior

The electric pump is turned on when the pressure drops below Next check the clutch degradation indexThis can tell us if the clutch needs to be changed. Usually a value above means the clutch is worn. He then disassembles the whole robot cleans all the parts very well changes worn o rings. Checks sensors and Solenoid Valves. One very important check is to make sure that when the robot unit is removed you can manually select and engage the gears. If you cannot then the robot will also not be able.

The gearbox will then have to be repaired. The clutch position sensor is incorporated into the Master-Slave system In the other system hydraulic fluid pushes the CSC Clutch slave cylinder actuator directly.

The clutch position sensor is incorporated into the CSC. He then refits everything and calibrates the system. They have experience in dissembling and cleaning automatic transmission valve bodies which the Solenoid Valve Unit is very similar.

First you should download the service manual to have an understanding of how the gear box works. Search for M20 Dualogic gearbox and M40 Dualogic.Recently Asked Questions What reasonably-priced battery charger do you recommend? Can you suggest a reliable, economical and relatively cheap car for a young driver? Can someone park over a dropped kerb outside their own house? Do I need to disconnect a car's battery to charge it? How often should a trickle charger be used on a car that's only used once weekly?

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What is the Fuel Calculator? Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Search the forum. How's the Dualogic system's reliability? Just bought my wife a Fiat Grande Punto 57 plate, first reg Dec and it's an auto which you can also use as a manual like a mini tiptronic. Its done 29,00 miles.

Wife loves it, nice to drive etc. Is there anything we should be looking out for in terms of any particular faults with this mode? Is auto box ok? Here: www. Tags: gearboxes reliability dualogic. Similar questions. I read your review of the Fiat TwinAir with great interest, and followed this up with a trip to a Fiat dealership, where I test drove a Fiat TwinAir and a Fiat 1.

What I could NOT Having just paid a deposit on a Mercedes-Benz A automatic, I'd appreciate knowing whether I made a good choice or not? I'd rather lose the deposit than suffer more heavily again, so please advise How reliable is the DSG gearbox?

Related models. Fiat Grande Punto - Good-looking and roomy hatch that's fun to drive. Five-star crash test rating. Value my carmiles buy or sell? Fiat Tipo 1. Fiat 1. Fiat L 1. Fiat Qubo 1.Jump to navigation. City cars are normally at their best when best-suited to the stop-start torment of urban traffic. So is the new Fiatrecently showered in glory in not-one-but-two Autocar supermini group tests, even better with two pedals, rather than a five-speed manual gearbox?

Also, are its charms diminished by Fiat's 69bhp 1. First, a technical distinction.

What Is a DuaLogic Transmission?

In our test car it developed some extra vibration and harshness on the overrun, but only after a very extended drive. Unfortunately, the 1. Its 75lb ft of torque is marginally more manful than its 69bhp, but neither make this car relaxing or effortless to drive in urban rush hour.

You have to be quick on the throttle to make sure that you don't get left behind at traffic lights, and often have to work the engine hard to keep up with the flow. And as the noisy thrash of pistons once you get about rpm bears testament, that's something that isn't particularly quiet, or pleasant, to have to do. Probably not. If you spend absolutely all of your time in nightmare traffic, or just find the idea of a third pedal too repellent to contemplate, it may be a better option for you than a manual - just.

However, most of us can still do a better job of swapping cogs, and responding to the cut-and-thrust of metropolitan commuting, ourselves than this gearbox can on our behalf. Opting for the 1. At that level, this is a stylish, desirable and cool supermini that's yours for less than the price of the cheapest Citroen C2 - which is none of the above.

Don't agree with the quick dismissal of the dualogic. It deserves more detailed examination. When designing a gearbox with electronic controls, safety is paramount - which is why the brake has to be pressed when initiating drive or changing direction. I know from personal experience that people can be killed if designers get it wrong. In Italy drivers love the Dualogic gearbox.

The only issues I have found are that it can be caught out in slippy conditions.This section covers the potential reliability issues that you might have with the Fiat Punto Evo.

Fiat Punto Evo (Type 199: 2009-2012)

Click on the buttons below to read more about the typical problems that fall outside the scope of routine maintenance. The right-hand drivepetrol cars manufactured before March come with a windscreen drain pipe designed in a way that allows the water from the windscreen to get to the alternator.

fiat punto dualogic

The driver may be in for a surprise when starting the car in the morning. With the alternator stuck, the starting engine will drag the belt around the pulley making a horrible screeching noise and burning the rubber belt black smoke may enter the cabin. Luckily, the fix is simple — the drain pipe was updated in February service news number Frozen alternators RHD cars.

fiat punto dualogic

Fiat stopped using the M32 transmission in the Punto family with the introduction of the Punto Evo and replaced it with their own design — the C Bye, bye whining bearings. Hello, clunking gear changes. There have been cases of problems with the 1st and 2nd gear engagement in cars with the C manufactured before or so. The symptoms include grinding or clunking sounds when changing gears. The 1st and 2nd gear may be difficult to engage.

The fix to the gear change problem is to replace the 1st and 2nd gear synchronizers, which is a big job and not a nice thing to do out of warranty. As I see it, the gearboxes that had problems with the synchros had come out like this from the factory or developed the symptoms soon after. Therefore, the odds are that the problematic gearboxes would have been fixed or replaced by now. If you are planning to buy a car with the C transmission, make sure the first and second gear engagement is okay.

There are people who managed to improve the first gear engagement significantly by simply changing the transmission oil, and the improvement was big enough that the gearbox repair became unnecessary.

The Punto Evo models that have the C transmission are the 1. C gearbox - difficulty engaging gears. The robot does the gear shifting for you, you lazy bastard. Let me very briefly explain the basics of this transmission. The Dualogic robot is a complex hydraulic device, made up of solenoid valves, sensors and actuators.

It is powered by a little hydraulic pump, and it has its own hydraulic fluid circuit. The oil is pressurized by the pump and then stored in a hydraulic accumulator. The accumulator has a rubber diaphragm inside and compressed nitrogen gas behind the diaphragm. Therefore, there is compressed gas on one side of the diaphragm and hydraulic fluid on the other.

This stored energy is then used to do the mechanical work — changing gears and operating the clutch, which is what the actuators do. Because there is no torque converter, the Dualogic can be as efficient as a manual gearbox. My recommendation is to avoid Dualogic transmissions when buying a used car.

However, if you are still determined to buy one, here are the symptoms of malfunction:. When the Dualogic transmission stops working, the first thing to check is the accumulator. Over time, the membrane inside can rupture and the accumulator will stop storing pressure. Because it could take a decade, the odds are that the membrane will fail before the gas disappears from the sphere.

Anyway, there is one more reason why you should not buy a car with the Dualogic. In the Punto Evo, the Dualogic was fitted to two engines:. The 1. This car has the CFC Dualogic robot.The DuaLogic transmission is used in some Fiat cars to deliver better performance combined with fuel economy.

The DuaLogic gearbox combines the features of an automatic gearbox with those of a manual gearbox, and uses an onboard computer to aid performance and fuel savings. The DuaLogic transmission ensures the gearbox is always in the most effective gear for the driving conditions. The DuaLogic gearbox uses an electrohydraulic servo to automate the clutch and gear lever.

In semi-automatic mode, the driver uses a lever rather than a clutch pedal to change gears up or down. The DuaLogic contains a computer, which collects data from the gearbox, the clutch, braking system and the engine.

This allows the DuaLogic to coordinate the actions of the gearbox with those of the rest of the car, for example, automatically increasing engine speed when you downshift. In automatic, the DuaLogic can also recognize road gradient and can change the gear shift point to give the best combination of performance and fuel economy.

The DuaLogic has a choice of operating modes for the driver to chose from. In automatic mode, the DuaLogic selects the gears and operates the clutch. In automatic, the DuaLogic's electronic management system will change gears at the time of maximum engine performance to achieve maximum acceleration. In manual mode, the driver selects the gears and operates the clutch, as in a normal manual transmission.

In semi-automatic mode, the DuaLogic operates the gearbox, but the driver can downshift when she feels the need -- such as to take a corner at speed. The DuaLogic computer uses fuzzy logic to adapt to the driver's driving style and road conditions, so it can anticipate when the car will decelerate and downshift accordingly. This allows the car to be driven in the most fuel efficient manner. The DuaLogic also has several safety features that can make it safer than a manual transmission.

For example, it shifts automatically to neutral whenever the engine is running and the door is open, and turns on warning lights and buzzers to alert drivers of maneuvers that could damage the engine or gearbox. The main disadvantage to the DuaLogic is that, because it is a complicated piece of equipment, and combines electronic and mechanical parts, there is more that can go wrong with it than with a standard manual transmission.

Because the DuaLogic incorporates a computer system, it is very difficult to repair it yourself, and repairs may be more expensive than with a purely mechanical manual transmission. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. What Is a DuaLogic Transmission?