Kingdom web series

To save innocent lives, Prince Chang and his men take over Hanyang. The Queen determines that if she can't have the throne, no one can. Source: Netflix. After Prince Chang breaks into Mungyeong Saejae, a nightmare unfolds. Officials search the queen's home, suspecting she is hiding something. With the palace painted red with blood, Prince Chang is forced to pursue a risky strategy. Seo Bi takes the baby and hides.

Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. See the list. Set in the Joseon period. The king falls ill to smallpox and rumors start to spread that he has actually died. While trying to uncover the mystery of what happened to his father, the Crown Prince goes with his guard, Moo Young, to Dongnae to look for Physician Lee Seung Hui who treated his father, only to be stuck with Assistant Physician Seo Bi and the mysterious man, Young Shin, in a village plagued with a mysterious disease.

The second season centers on the advancement of the plague across several provinces. In the lead-up to halting the outbreak, a devastating revelation ensues at Sangju. Upon the arrival of the winter season, the undead hordes now roam freely due to a change in ambient temperature. Fearing the ramifications of an imminent invasion, Prince Lee Chang attempts to garner support from his allies to Thanku Netflix for being global and introducing us to a different filmmaking schools other than Hollywood.

WE the non-American viewers are sick and tired from hollywood's films that shows Americans trying to save the planet all the time. But thanks to Netflix we can see different and more beautiful art by Korea, Spain, Italy, etc.

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케이크 커팅식에 난입한 좀비들(Feat. 류승룡) @ '킹덤' 제작발표회(Netflix Kingdom)

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User Reviews. User Ratings.The series was positively reviewed, and renewed for a second season which was released on March 13, Set during Korea's Joseon period, three years after the Japanese invasions of Koreathe first season depicts the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang Ju Ji-hoonwho stumbles across a life-threatening political conspiracy while investigating the spread of a mysterious plague.

Shocked by what he finds, he heads to the Southern province of Gyeongsang with his loyal bodyguard Mu-yeong Kim Sang-ho to search for more answers. Together they all face a life or death struggle to not only stop the spread of the plague but to also save the royal dynasty from being overthrown. The second season continues to depict Lee Chang's struggle to save his people from the spread of the plague, which is found out to have adapted to winter, and his dynasty from the machinations of the powerful Haewon Cho clan.

kingdom web series

As Gyeongsang province is sealed off to trap Lee Chang and prevent the spread of the plague, a series of devastating revelations at the city of Sangju changes the balance of power and the onset of winter changes the behaviour of the undead hordes.

While Lee-Chang rallies his allies to secure their position against the undead, the political intrigue in Hanyang continues to unfold as Queen Consort Cho puts a deadly plan into action to secure a male heir that can usurp the Crown Prince.

As tensions between the rival factions rise, with death and betrayal on all sides, it seems there are no lengths to which the Haewon Cho clan will not go in order to secure the throne, and so Lee Chang is forced into a risky plan to storm the capital Hanyang and take a final stand before it's too late.

As calamity looms among the living, only one question remains; can the Prince save his people in time and end the political turmoil in the capital or will the plague mark the end of the Joseon dynasty?

On March 5,Netflix announced that it had given the production a series order for a first season. On January 16,a crew member of the art team died due to overwork. Actor Song Joong-ki was courted for the lead role but declined. The first season received critical acclaim from critics and the audience. The website's critical consensus reads, "An enthralling blend of blood, terror, and political intrigue, Kingdom is a refreshing addition to the zombie landscape.

Aloysius Low of CNET praised the cinematography of the first season, stating that "shots cleverly linger on certain scenes to draw out the impressive sets, while adeptly tracking the action during sword fights or zombie attacks. Sure, the AMC series waxes on about class and elitism, but Kingdom wades deep into governance and the divide between the rulers and the suffering populace. Considering the over-saturated state of the market, it is refreshing to see Netflix taking chances.

In an over-saturated sub-genre, this show takes common horror tropes and rewrites zombie rules for Joseon Korea in a way that reinvigorates my love of the sub-genre. On December 17,the official trailer for the series was released.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Historical period Political drama Horror Thriller. Kim Seong-hun Park In-je Season 2. No Cut News in Korean. Retrieved December 2, While strange rumors about their ill king grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.

Officials find notices in Hanyang alleging the king is dead. Crown Prince Lee Chang tries to check on his father, but the young queen stands in his way. Prince Chang and Mu-yeong arrive at Jiyulheon, where they make a horrific discovery. Night leads to chaos in Dongnae. Prince Chang reaches a disquieting conclusion and vows to fight back.

Kingdom Web Series Netflix Review – A Korean Masterpiece

The outbreak leaves no one safe. But the infected are not the only monsters in Prince Chang's way as he fights to protect the kingdom. An unexpected setback in Sangju poses new problems for Prince Chang and the others. Seo-bi and Cho Beom-pal seek safety with Cho Hak-ju. After Prince Chang breaks into Mungyeong Saejae, a nightmare unfolds. Officials search the queen's home, suspecting she is hiding something.

When Cho Hak-ju is taken from his custody, Prince Chang goes after him. Seo-bi looks for a way to treat the disease. The queen awaits her prince. Seo-bi shares a critical discovery with Prince Chang, who has a favor to ask of her. Cho Hak-ju visits the queen and demands she tell him the truth. To save innocent lives, Prince Chang and his men take over Hanyang. The queen determines that if she can't have the throne, no one can.

With the palace painted red with blood, Prince Chang is forced to pursue a risky strategy. Seo-bi takes the baby and hides. Call Netflix Netflix. Watch all you want. Videos Kingdom. Season 2 Trailer: Kingdom. Season 1 Trailer: Kingdom.

Season 1 Teaser: Kingdom. Season 1 Trailer 2: Kingdom. Season 2 Teaser: Kingdom. Episodes Kingdom.So my experience with Korean cinema was limited to just one movie until I recently watched Kingdom web series on Netflix. A friend recommended it to me strongly and I decided to watch a couple of episodes to see how it was. To my surprise, it turned out to be a great show that I binge-watched entirely over a weekend. For a brief overview, Kingdom is a South Korean political period horror thriller web series that was first released on Netflix in Upon its release, it mostly received positive reviews and was renewed for a second season which was released in March A 3rd season of the show has also been declared.

Kingdom is officially a zombie story and has been compared to other shows like The Walking Dead. As the struggle for power continues, a strange disease starts to spread throughout the kingdom turning people into zombies. Is it any good? I will say that yes it definitely is. It is one of the best horror shows ever made but at the same time, it will also be unfair to compare it with any other. The zombie genre has already been done to death by Hollywood but when you watch Kingdom, it really feels different.

You will not be bored for even a single second and the show will keep you engrossed. Good acting, believable costumes, lovely cinematic, and the monsters blend into a wonderful time that makes this series worth watching. And it is not just zombies that this show is about. It is also about politics, war, relationships, and humor.

It shows how the rich exploit the poor into misery and starvation. How the struggle for power brings out the worst in the best of the people.

If there is one show that I will compare it with then it is The Games of Thrones. Watching all the political struggle between different groups while the zombie threat increases did make it feel like the Korean version of GOT. The acting was impeccable and all the actors did a perfect job. The action was great with no exaggeration and just the right amount of blood and gore.

kingdom web series

CGI was pretty great as well. I read somewhere that each episode of this show cost almost 2 million dollars and it really shows in the production. Cinematography is amazing, the direction is great, the locations were beautiful and the costumes were believable and relevant.

This show has a great story with compelling characters. It is full of suspenseful and funny scenes, with entertaining dialogue and surprising events. In terms of visual aesthetics as well, the series looks stunning.Alvey's comeback fight couldn't come at a worse time as Navy St. Roles are reversed when Ryan coaches Alvey, and Lisa begins a new chapter. Dom dishes on Navy St. Alvey tries to connect with his mother while bonding with Nate and Jay in the desert. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October.

See the list. Alvey and Lisa are struggling to keep their gym, Navy Street, afloat. Their best hope is Alvey's son Nate, an up and coming fighter. Jay, Alvey's other son, is on the outs with his father. Nate has secrets of his own which may hold him back. Written by Anonymous. I've seen Kingdom since his birth and I had watched it closely until its end.

An end which emotionally devastated me. The show submerges you into the world of mixed martial arts and the lives of those involved in a family business. I highlight the characters because they level the each episode to an uncontrollably climax. Since Kingdom is one of the best TV dramas I've ever watched, it comes as as surprise how is often overlooked or underrated.

kingdom web series

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kingdom web series

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