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However the basic task of natural science consisted in making this energy usable. This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge. In no way, is the information presented on this website intended to be a substitute for professional medical help but is provided only as an aid in understanding the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and the ideas behind the functioning of the orgone energy accumulator. A trained, professional health practitioner should always be consulted for any medical problem.

References to books and other researchers is given as additional sources for information as a service to readers. One thing I want to be very clear about: at no time did Wilhelm Reich ever claim that the orgone accumulator "cured" anything. During the period when he was treating people with orgone accumulators, he was extremely cautious about either himself, or his colleagues, falling into the illusion that they had discovered a remedy for the ills of mankind.

More than anyone, even today, he understood the origins of what he called "biopathic" illnesses as rooted in the social and emotional misery of people's everyday lives.

Reich always acknowledged that his case studies were limited in number; not nearly enough to be definitive, and he always stressed his failures and the remaining questions that required additional research. Having said this, it is also true that the decades-long, pioneering research Reich did accomplish, points to promising directions in which the alleviation, and certainly the prevention, of particular biopathies may someday be possible.

I must stress that:. Orgone accumulator devices are experimental; they are not medical devicesand not a substitute for professional medical care. If you have a medical condition, please consult a health care professional. In modern, western culture, "energy medicine" is a rather new phenomena with homeopathy one of the first forms.

In older, Asian cultures, energy medicine has been practiced much longer as in acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. How the different approaches can be understood and possibly integrated is unknown. How Reich's discovery of orgone energy and the orgone energy accumulators will be part of these newer discoveries and older practices is also not fully known. Only systematic research will be able to reveal the answers to the many questions that remain.

I am presenting here only a very abbreviated history of Reich's discoveries. In the near future, a fuller account will be given. At the end is a bibliography and resource list where you can find additional information about subjects that I only touch upon.

However, because of the amount and importance of information here, I recommend you print these long pages out rather than try to read them off the computer screen.

Orgone energy was originally observed by Wilhelm Reich, MDa psychoanalyst in the late s, as a bio-electrical charge whose flow within the body could be visibly seen as waves passing through his clinical patients as they were experiencing intense emotional breakthroughs. He found the energy flowed from the inside body core to the outside surface towards the world when a person felt pleasure or expansion ; and conversely, it flowed from the surface to the interior away from the world during states of anxiety, fear, and contraction.

Reich also noted that the conditions of expansion and contraction affected a person, not only emotionally, but down to the autonomic nervous systemto the cellular, and even chemical levels. States of contraction, however, produce sympathetic effects: constricted blood vessels, less blood flow, and often pain.

In addition, the contracted condition increases blood pressure and heart beat rate, adrenaline flow and cholesterol; it inhibits digestion and blood supply to the genitals and is associated with the emotions of anxiety and "stress".What is an Orgone Shooter-Charger Box? An Orgone Shooter-Charger Box is a small version of the larger orgone accumulator.

It is constructed around a wood frame and made of layers of thick, naturally energetic sheep's wool batting alternating with carbon steel wool. The inside is lined with galvanized carbon steel sheet and the outside is covered in formaldehyde-free fiber board. The Shooter: A 4 foot hollow steel cable, covered with wool, is inserted into the accumulator box through a hole either in the top or front.

Attached to the other end of the cable is a galvanized steel funnel layered with orgone accumulating wool and steel wool. This set-up draws concentrated orgone energy from inside the accumulator box, through the cable, and out the funnel where this energy can be directed on parts of the body, on animals, or plants; where ever a localized irradiation of orgone energy is wanted.

The Charger: The lid or door of the box can be opened, and items can be placed inside the accumulator box, making it a "Charger" for experimentally charging items with orgone energy. Water, wine, food, seeds, seed sprouts, plants, cosmetics, clothing, even dishes are some of the things that people have experimentally charged with orgone energy. The Shooter-Charger Boxes can develop an orgone energy field around them, and therefore should be stored in an area free of orgone-irritating energy fields such as old-style CRT TVs and computers, fluorescent lights, or microwave ovens and not within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor.

The interior of galvanized steel can be wiped down with water to quickly and easily restore a fresh orgone charge. They should also be placed in an area that has good ventilation or taken outside in the sun and fresh air to occassionally renew their charge.

Some people simply place an Orgone Charger Box in a room to energize the whole room! This is effective especially with bedridden or chronically low energy people. This unit measures 12" x 12" x 12" inside and It is mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability; it has a hinged door that opens in the front, a metal shelf inside to hold more items, and an orgone funnel with an attached cable.

Natural finish. Even though this unit is small, it has many exciting and useful functions.

Orgone Generator Water Ionizer (Large Plate)

The Orgone Charger can infuse orgone energy into water, wine, food, cosmetics, clothing, plants, seeds, crystals and other experimental items. OrgoneAid Station: Small orgone pads can be stored inside and ready to use along with the Shooter funnel in an emergency.

The Charger can become an Orgone Shooter by inserting a hollow metal cable with an attached Orgone Funnel. This enables the user to direct the energy from inside the Charger to the outside and focus it on specific areas.

The unit is shipped assembled, but can be easily taken apart into 6 panels. A removeable metal shelf is included. Shipped assembled; shipping costs are additional. The 10 Ply Shooter-Charger Box is designed as a miniature version of the sit-in orgone energy accumulator. A hinged door opens in the front to easily load items onto 2 removable shelves. It's six panels are assembled using a quick and easy right-angle furniture connection, just like the larger accumulators.

The inner dimensions are: 19" tall, 15" deep, and 12" wide which approximate the harmonious proportion of 3: 4: 5. The outer dimensions are: 27" tall, 21" deep, and Weight: aprox.

WaterLily USB. Charge Phone With Water Field Use Review.

Great for gardeners! The interior easily holds flats or six packs of seedlings. Gardeners have the options of either charging seeds in the smaller can provided for seed charging which is done prior to planting.

Orgonite, Water and Ice Experiments!

Planted seed flats can be sprouted in the accumulator; or purchased plants can be charged prior to planting to give them a little energy boost. Charge up wine! Many people report that after 10 minutes or less in an orgone charger, wine develops a wonderful aged flavor that would take years to produce in the barrel.

Charge up water! The shelves can be removed to charge a large jug of water for watering plants or drinking.A friend who I gave a few chargers to requested a few more and asked me if I could somehow secure the magnetite in the container in case of a unit tipping over.

orgone water charger

I already had a ring around the top so I thought I may as well pour a little resin on the top to seal it in. Then I thought, why not mix the whole thing with resin and just make a tube out of it. Resin is a mess, and getting long form pieces unstuck is a challenge, so I decided to use portland cement instead.

I had recently made some various shaped orgonite pieces, so I was in a molding frame of mind. I mixed up some magnetite sand and cement, poured it in the mold and made a 1" thick tube, 5" in diameter and about 11" high.

To that I added a bottom, a flat coil and I had a charger. I built three of them initially as you can see in the picture below. These would do a nice job of charging water in days, depending on the weather. This would act as my "organic" layer, hopefully attracting more orgone into the charger. I also added layered tops which decreased charging time by a day With a set of 4 of these you can have a fully charged liter of water every day on a continuous rotation. The water from these chargers is very good and will wake you right up in the morning!

It is much more potent than the regular MEOW kettles. The coils were added to give a CCW spin to the helix which is developed in the tube. Clockwise and counterclockwise spins each have different characteristics.

CCW promotes healing and rejuvenation so I went that way. Those coils in the picture were made with magnet wire, which is normally used for winding motors and coils. It has very thin insulation whci allowed for a lot of turns in a small space. Since then I have switched to 18 gauge regular insulated wire which works just as good. I have since then realized a few interesting things about the way this energy works.

In a tube, it concentrates most of the energy in the center. The orgone is attracted into the magnetite from all directions, then is evidently "organized" by the helix. I found this out by stacking these chargers vertically. I had them stacked three high and notice that the top and bottom row of chargers weren't charging the water very well.

However, the middle row was doing quite well. Somehow, the fields linked between the three chargers and concentrated all the energy in the center charger. That got me thinking! Magnetite above and below the charger might make things more interesting. As a result I built the "tower charger". It has a central tube of magnetite 1.

The bottom is a 6X6 plug of pure magnetite, and so is the lid. I have two of these now and drink 2 liters of charged water daily which is really too much, a liter and a half would be plenty.

It beats having to have multiple chargers. I also now have a surplus of water which my family happily consumes.Water is one of the most plentiful and interesting substances on the planet. It has a variety of physical features.

Our understanding of the ability of water to store energy and frequencies is still only in its infancy, and orgonite can help us explore this even deeper. He had photographs taken before and after exposing the water to the different variables, and then froze the water so that it would form a crystalline structure. Here are some of the photographic results: Save. As you can see, the water molecules that had been exposed to prayer, as well as the water molecules from a clean lake have an even structure, while the water before prayer, and the water from a polluted lake do not.

Emoto then decided to write different words and phrases on the containers of the water: Save.

orgone water charger

Again, there is a striking difference. And in order to remove bias from the experiment, Emoto used words in different languages too:. So what does this have to do with orgonite? For this reason, orgonite is especially effective when it comes to harmonising and balancing water. Many people use orgonite charging plates to revitalise their drinking water, and often the change in taste can be observed after only a few minutes of charging.

Orgonite helps protect against the negative effects of fluoride and chlorine. One easy way to see the effect of orgonite on water is to freeze water with orgonite directly on top of, or underneath the water.

So, take a clear glass or a jar, and fill it with water. Leave it in the freezer until it is frozen. Take an image of this to compare it to the orgonite version. Next, take the same glass with fresh water, and freeze it with the orgonite either directly underneath, or on top of the glass.

You should see results similar to the following pictures from an ice test I did some months ago :. The water to the left was the control, and the photo on the right was frozen on top of an orgonite charging plate. Here are some images sent to me by a customer who froze the ice cube on the right with an orgonite pendant immediately above it, while the other ice cube on the left was frozen as a control:. Here are some more images of orgonite ice experiments, from the orgonite forum Warriormatrix.

As you can see, orgonite has plenty of potential for invigorating and balancing our water supply. Instead, use a charging plateor simply keep a piece of orgonite right next to your water. HI, Nice site, lots of info. I have been using and making orgonite for a few years now, Its very powerfuland enhances ones intent by clearing the EMR from the area where the orgonite is present. I did an experiment yesterday.Energize your food to improve nutritional absorption, with an Orgone Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk or plate to increase your hydration and energize you wine to improve its overall quality with the amazing Orgone products ionized water.

You will be more than impressed how amazing these Orgone Ionizers are. Keep your Food and Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk plate in your refrigeration to harmonize the harmful electro magnetic energy from its motor, and just watch how much longer it lasts and how much the quality improves; and for a constant supply of i onized water.

Use your Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk or plate to energize and rejuvenate your vitamins supplements, skin care, hair care and shaving products, and for cleaning jewellery and crystals, as well as producing ionized water.

orgone water charger

Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequency fields penetrate through walls and hard surfaces all around wherever they are placed. Orgone Energy Generators have been long known for the fact that they can impact on weather conditions, and be used as a tool to encourage more rain clouds to fall over your region.

As for how long using your Orgone Water Ionizer as a Rain Maker takes to produce rain, that really depends on a lot of factors and conditions in your area.

We used our Rain Makers here all through summer two summers ago, and then in the following winter we got the most rain in 25 years, totally breaking a record breaking drought. However we did not use it that summer and we had a very dry winter that year with very few wildflowers that spring, which the Aboriginal people took to indicate that we are in for a very hot, dry summer.

New colour in our range Water Ionize r plates - Purple Plates! Close search. Home All Products expand. Code APR15 at checkout. Previous slide Next slide. Add to cart. Testimonials Thank you so much for arranging the pick up for me. I feel so much better with the Geoclense Harmonizer in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter.

My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us.

She has been much more herself since then, too. Product Description Orgone Generator Water Ionizer Large Plate Energize your food to improve nutritional absorption, with an Orgone Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk or plate to increase your hydration and energize you wine to improve its overall quality with the amazing Orgone products ionized water. Orgone Water Ionizer Plates Make Perfect Rainmakers Orgone Energy Generators have been long known for the fact that they can impact on weather conditions, and be used as a tool to encourage more rain clouds to fall over your region.The Drink Water Charger - Orgone:.

GBPFlower of life gold plated crystal grid coaster, sacred geometry disc. Metatron cube crystal grid coaster, meditation altar, metatron's cube coaster. The time of the charging can take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the flows of energy in your area.

The taste of water becomes lighter etheric you could say and fresh; something that you will experience immediately. It clears anything toxic in a very high degree; but also, it decreases the surface tension of the water. It helps in losing weight. It is beneficial for your heart.

It is a source of OR energy. It clears the whole body from toxins. It supports in a very beneficial manner your sports activities. It is very beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin. It balances the smell during the menstrual period obviously, this applies only to females. It soothes headaches. It decreases the danger of kidney stone. Always Remember: do not put any type of Orgone close to alcohol i. The Drink Water Charger can be used, to effectively charge: water, tea, coffee, chocolate etc.

You will taste the difference almost immediately. Base Materials:. Orgone drink charger with 2 mwo wave oscillators that transforms non harmonious energies to harmonious one front and one back2 gold plated 24K MWO by Lakhovsky, containing a 3D SBB copper coil for strengthening and directing the energy.

Black and red iron oxide powders, Ormus, selenite powder, smoky quartz powder, black tourmaline powder, zeolite powder, aluminium shavings, clear quartz crystals, lapis lazuli, blue fluorite and citrine.

Items must be returned within 1 week from delivery date. Once the items are returned to us in their original condition, you will receive a refund. Shipping charges are non refundable. Any import taxes etc. Please contact us before returning the item. Base Materials: Orgone drink charger with 2 mwo wave oscillators that transforms non harmonious energies to harmonious one front and one back2 gold plated 24K MWO by Lakhovsky, containing a 3D SBB copper coil for strengthening and directing the energy.

Dimensions: Diameter 10 cm - Thickness 4,5cm Weight: Weight: ca gr.As a Natural Consequence, much talked about Methods of Attraction of that which you Desire never will be the same again!

In fact, rather than merely setting up such mental techniques of "attracting" it, Now You Can Achieve Success on all Levels!!! Water is the natural carrier of orgone energy. Like organic matter and quartz, water is a natural carrier of life force, or orgone energy.

On the other hand, tap water, distilled water, and water filtered from tap water generally lack the orgone energy that water contains naturally. Therefore, having become aware of the obvious problems connected with industrially processed water, many scientists have developed methods of vitalizing or re-vitalizing water. For instance, some researchers have developed methods to generate a transfer of natural water information.

In principle, with such methods they try to establish structural links to the desired characteristics of water, usually with very little orgone energy available. Since water is a natural carrier of orgone energy, it is an ideal medium to be a "carrier" of specific characteristics as well.

In fact, Dr.

5g EMF Protection Large Orgonite Pyramid Orgone Healing Energy Quartz Amethyst

Beneviste, a French nobel price laureate, demonstrated by means of double blind scientific methods that information can be "attached" to water. This is a characteristic of water that had many applications as widely apart as homeopathy and religious traditions for centuries before Beneviste, even though the persons using such methods typically were not aware of the scientific principles involved.

In this context, think of the "holy water," which has been in use for millennia in many religious belief systems. One of the easiest methods of revitalizing water is to charge it with orgone energy. Natural water, of course, carries with it a good measure of life force, or orgone energy, which, as a result of processing and exposure to a myriad of environmental factors gets lost almost completely before it comes through the tap or is sold as bottled and energetically dead "drinking water, oxygenated water, ionized drinking water," and what not.

In fact, the substance that you add to water with many of the "alkalizing" drop-drippers is nothing but baking soda. You can get evidence of the benefits of water that is charged with life energy simply by doing so, i.

You can do so with the free transfer test. In fact, according to personal experience of tens of thousands of users, water that has been treated with life energy, i. This is plainly visible as stronger plants, more blossoms and larger and better tasting fruit, and more beautiful flowers.

Especially cats feel attracted to water that has been revitalized by means of saturation with life energy.

orgone water charger

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