Vestel f series

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Pyrojet technology is the revolutionary unique feature of Vestel washing machines which enables higher water temperature in a shorter time by heating the water during the circulation process. By the floating hook design; there will be no need for a handle to open the door. There will be improvement over the closing feeling. Due to the Solenoid feature inside the door lock, door will be opened as soon as the program finishes or the moment which the customer wants if the water level and temperature is appropriate.

Only available with mm door. Better washing performance is achieved by directly injecting water with detergent using a recirculation system and two nozzles connected to it. The shortest program ever! It is ideal for clothes "worn once", which you need in a hurry.

Recommended for laundry for babies and sensitive skins. A special rinsing method is applied in order to get rid of det. A class washing performance is possible for your cotton clothes in a very short time like 60 minutes.

vestel f series

Solenoid door lock functiondetects the status of the door and warns you if the door is open, closed, orlocked. The electrical energyconsumption cost changes during the day according to the time intervals tariff set by electricity providers. Besides, water consumption and program duration are dramaticallydecreased, since the machine can detect whether it is halfloaded or not.

Allthe models include this feature. Many points, forms areredesigned and strengthened to increase the rigidity. Decreased vibration leveland increased stability.

New drum pattern which provides greater protection for your washing. Provides gentle washing for your clothes.

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Selectable 3 stain levels for FL and FG version washer models. Overflow protection system detects potential problems with water supply, which may result in overflowing. If a problem is detected, drain pump is automatically turned on. Child Lock prevents unauthorized changes on the control panel settings while the machine is in operation.

vestel f series

The user can easily detect afailure on the washing machine with the help of blinking error signals on thecontrol panel buttons. In case of unevenlydistributed laundry, unbalance control system redistributes the load inside thedrum and adjust the spin speed to achieve optimum spinning efficiency. Brushed DC motors develop a maximum torque when stationary, linearly decreasing as velocity increases.Sign In. Edit The Green Hornet — Darrell Hallenbeck Kato 26 episodes, Wende Wagner Lenore Case 26 episodes, Lloyd Gough Mike Axford 26 episodes, Walter Brooke Frank Scanlon 26 episodes, Gary Owens Peter Eden 2 episodes, Joanne Dru Sabrina Bradley 2 episodes, Larry D.

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Avitor and Vestel Digital Signage Solutions and Interactive Touch Screens offer an expansive variety of cost effective products and customized solutions, all of which can deliver exceptional value and quality. As an hardware manufacturer, Vestel have added suitable software, which is easy to use and to configure. Avitor are official distributors for Vestel in Ireland and they have state of the art digital demonstration rooms at their Dublin, Glasnevin base.

Contact us now on 01 to speak to a Vestel Pro AV specialist to learn more. Vestel Visual Solutions case study-Istanbul's third airport, the world's largest.

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Avitor are official Vestel digital signage distributors for Ireland Avitor and Vestel Digital Signage Solutions and Interactive Touch Screens offer an expansive variety of cost effective products and customized solutions, all of which can deliver exceptional value and quality.

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vestel f series

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Vestel Visual Solutions case study-Istanbul's third airport, the world's largest

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vestel f series

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Thread starter chrisr Start date Mar 26, Tags vestel. There are plenty of fallacies regarding re-badgeing or re-packaging.

Vestel manufacture the complete product right down to the brand badge on the front and the branded carton that it comes in.

Send Vestel a cabinet design and they will mould you up a cabinet and use their standard range of chassis according to the specification required. For the UK Vestel is by far the largest player. Vestel also produce for a plethora of other brand names and own brands from chain outlets and supermarkets.

The brand names put the contract to build and supply TVs out to a number of, usually cheaper producers, Vestel is only one. Because the Technica you buy from Tesco is a Vestel one year you cannot rely on the Technica you buy the next year being a Vestel, it could be Chinese. It is very simple to identify a TV produced by Vestel.

Here are a few examples. Trollslayer Distinguished Member. This isn't news, the simplest way is to look for a mention of Turkey. W Trollslayer said:. Last edited: Mar 26, Only 2 of the label pictures mention Turkey These Panasonics are not Panasonic kits assembled in Turkey, as I stated they are off the shelf Vestel designs with Vestel screen panels.

Mmm interesting. Jota Active Member. W They do have manufacturing facilities outside of Turkey. You've got to admire the success of this company which has beaten the Chinese at their own game. It's a much used practice to manufacture parts of TVs in one part of the world, then ship them elsewhere to be assembled as you would a kit. Sony has popped up in Slovakia, Spain and previously Wales yet everyone associates them with Japan. Labels saying "Assembled in" mean just that.

Often it is to use a cheaper labour force or to manipulate import duties which may be lower on, for example, an untested circuit board, but higher on finished goods.

This kind of practice is not new. More years ago than I would care to think of I worked for a major UK TV manufacturer, now defunct, who put the same chassis in four different brands which were sold at widely different prices.

Jota said:.

Before admiring their success you have to question how they achieve this success. If it's by paying people pennies and flogging them on 16 hour shifts then no, I wouldn't admire that. Last edited: Mar 30, Sign In. Edit Peyton Place — Hole Jr. Michael Rossi episodes, Barbara Parkins Rodney Harrington episodes, Christopher Connelly Norman Harrington episodes, Dorothy Malone Elliot Carson episodes, James Douglas Leslie Harrington episodes, Frank Ferguson Eli Carson episodes, George Macready Martin Peyton episodes, Steve Oliver Lee Webber episodes, Evelyn Scott Ada Jacks episodes, Kasey Rogers Julie Anderson episodes, Ruth Warrick Sandy Webber 80 episodes, Tippy Walker Carolyn Russell 79 episodes, Barbara Rush Marsha Russell 75 episodes, John Kerr Rachel Welles 71 episodes, Lee Grant Stella Chernak 70 episodes, Robert Hogan Eddie Jacks 60 episodes, Gary Haynes Chris Webber 60 episodes, Diana Hyland Susan Winter 59 episodes, William Smithers David Schuster 56 episodes, Joyce Jillson Jill Smith 56 episodes, Kent Smith Joe Rossi 50 episodes, Susan Oliver Ann Howard 49 episodes, John Kellogg Jack Chandler 45 episodes, Percy Rodrigues Doris Schuster 44 episodes, Derek Schultz Matthew Carson 43 episodes, Morris Buchanan Mary 40 episodes, Gena Rowlands Adrienne Van Leyden 39 episodes, Glynn Turman Lew Miles 37 episodes, John Findlater